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What Is Flyball?

Flyball is a fast relay dog sport where two teams of four dogs race against each other over a course of four jumps, collecting a tennis ball that is released from the Flyball box at the end of the lane, and then returning back over the jumps before the next dog can go. The fastest team to have all four dogs complete the run successfully and cross the finish line win.

The aim of the sport is for each dog to run over the four jumps, trigger the box at the end of the lane, catch the tennis ball & then return over the four jumps holding the ball. Once the dogs nose has crossed the finish/start line the next dog can then be released.

Each team is made up of four dogs & handlers, a box loader, two reserve dogs & a team captain.

Informality is encouraged in this fast and fun sport but the safety of dogs, handlers and spectators is of paramount importance.

As long as your dog will retrieve a ball, you can have a go at Flyball. We do insist on a strong recall and no aggression can be tollerated as dogs run together off lead at a very high speed.


We are a freindly bunch, training every other week on a Wednesday night 7-8, indoors in winter in the specially designed training barn and outdoors in summer.


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