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'The Covert Hyrdotherapy and Grooming Salon'

Meet our qualified hydrotherapist, Katie.

I'm Katie :) I have wanted to work with animals, particularly dogs, my whole life. I have two dogs of my own who I compete with in obedience and flyball. 


  I have worked and volunteered at boarding and rescue kennels throughout my teenage years and last year I graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a Honorary Bachelor of Science degree in animal biology. From then onwards I have been working towards taking over The Covert Hydrotherapy, with help from Lesley (The landlady). I have also had help from Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy, where I have undergone intensive training at the Hawksmoor academy to become a qualified hydrotherapist with a level 3 certificate in small animal hydrotherapy. 


   I treat every patient as an inidividual and my aim is to improve their health while keeping them happy and comfortable.