Who Can Swim?

The Covert Canine Centre

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'The Covert Hyrdotherapy and Grooming Salon'

Any dog can swim as long as they have a veterinary referral form filled in by a certified vet to say the dog is capable of swimming. Please contact us for a form. 

   But there are dogs with certain injuries/conditions that will particularly benefit:   

     Dogs with arthritis,

     Orthopaedic conditions,


     Muscle injuries,

     Ligament injuries and many other injuries can all benefit from treatment. 


 We take on dogs who may need rehabilitation whether its for pre/post operation or as part of a conservative management program. 


 We also use swimming as a form of exercise for dogs including sporting dogs, overweight or obese dogs and older dogs who can't get out as much any more.



Or just for your everyday fit and healthy pooch who may enjoy a dip as a bit of a change from his everyday walk in the park.